Mario Ramos – Owner / Blogger

Hi there!

Welcome to Figure2 Productions. This is a blog about improving your video production. The environment in which we create each video is different each time we set out . Each project has different challenges and obsticals for us to overcome. Our clients will each have different demands and different needs that they will want met to the highest standard. So, it is important to know about all these before you set of to create your own video production projects.

Here at Figure2 Productions, we have been doing business for the last ten years. We now have multiple offices in various parts of the country, and are thinking of expanding it more. At the moement we are enjoying good revenue and are expecting tremendous growth in the coming years. The start wasn’t easy, though. The video production business can be brutal at times, and there were many challenges to overcome. I started making lots of contacts throught the industry, and tried to understand the ins and outs of how this industry works. I worked solo for two years before starting Figure2, so that experience also helped me. Now I know all the ins and outs of running a successful video production company.

This blog is will help those who are trying to create a market in video production with their unique products or services. If you are thinking of starting your own video production company, this blog will be helpful.